What’s on when you might ask? Not knowing what video will be available to play on any given day, a specific schedule is difficult to generate, but we do have a schedule of what genre you are likely to see at a specific time. 

News Hour: Midnight, 6am, 11 am and 6pm Local Programs: Overnight, 10 am, noon, 3 pm, 7pm and as fillers Children’s Programs: 7am, 5pm Meetings: 8am, 1pm, 8pm, overnight - timed so it ends at 6am Since the length of meetings can vary greatly, you will most likely see educational videos as fillers during meeting time slots or fillers. 

The weekend schedule generally does not contain meetings, but from time to time it is necessary. If this happens, you might find a meeting at 3pm on Sunday. If you’re a channel surfer like me, you might find a program you stumble upon that grabs your attention and you stay. It can be frustrating to stumble onto something in the middle and not know if you will ever see the beginning. If this happens to you, drop us an email at harpswelltv@yahoo.com and we will try to replay it at a time you can watch it. 

For citizens who don’t have cable we can be viewed with an HD-TV and an antenna or at vimeo.com/harpswelltv or Watch Harpswelltv on Facebook. We stream Selectboard meetings at 6pm on the nights they meet. These can be found on Livestream through a link on Harpswell TV’s website and on the Town of Harpswell’s website. 

Harpswell Community Television Station
10 Community Dr Harpswell, ME, 04079 
Phone:  (207) 833-2363 

Station Manager: 
Donna Frisoli
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